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Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Company is part of a growing community of people concerned about the environment and the livability of our communities, as well as the whole Earth. Many organizations and companies are working to improve the prospects for the future. The future of personal transportation involves issues of mobility, congestion and pollution. Efforts are primarily aimed at providing alternative modes of transportation that enable people to move quickly and efficiently around their community. The Internet has a wealth of information on hundreds of web sites discussing these issues and suggesting solutions.

The CALSTART site at has information about electric vehicles and links to associated sites. One of the best places to find out about electric vehicles in general is at the Electric Auto Association site, run by the Arizona chapter at The National Station Car Association at focuses on people using public transportation and then switching to small EVs for shorter trips in the vicinity of the station.
An excellent EV info site is EV World, found at

The impact of transportation on the environment, and other environmental issues can be found at Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory! At Another environmental organization website that should be visited is Rainforest Action Network at It describes their efforts and contains links to many other organizations.

The EPA and the Department of Energy are both active in promoting alternative transportation. One of the best places to find information on activities and initiatives is the DOE site It has links to the electric utility companies that are active in EV promotion.

Oil Crisis
The use of oil as a source of energy for personal local transportation is the root of many of the world's problems. One site that deals with the use of petroleum, and its impact on our world is

EV Racing
People interested in learning more about Mark Murphy's products for Electrathon racing should visit his site at, and the Electrathon America site at