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Nevco "Your Friendly Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Company"

About Neighborhood EV

In the '80s and early '90s the question of small urban vehicle design was approached by our designer, Mark Murphy. He had worked for years on research and development projects for a variety of vehicle manufacturers and conceptual design firms, and understood the need for a lightweight, electric vehicle for neighborhood travel.

Along the way he became interested in electric vehicle competition. Mark's participation and success in EV competition helped him develop concepts of efficient, electric power for neighborhood vehicle designs. In the early '90s urban planners began to discuss the concept of small urban vehicles as the primary focus of urban transportation and a possible means by which to develop people-oriented communities. Mark saw this trend as an affirmation of his ideas, and began looking for an opportunity to develop his concept of an NEV.

Neighborhood EV Was Started

In 1994 Mark and a group of entrepreneurs began meeting to discuss urban transportation problems and the NEV as a business opportunity. They believed that the heart of these problems is this: most urban drivers use petroleum powered vehicles with a range and carrying capacity far in excess of their usual daily needs. They knew that a large majority of all urban vehicle trips are by one person going a short distance, and that a vehicle for specifically this purpose simply didn't exist. Thus, the task was to develop a vehicle for only these local trips: a non- polluting vehicle with the range, performance and cargo space appropriate for in-city, personal use. Further, the founders of Neighborhood EV valued simplicity and low cost and wanted the vehicle to be highly durable, reliable, and easy to maintain. For these reasons they chose a development approach emphasizing the appropriate application of existing technology. With these goals and values in mind, the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Company was formed in 1995 to develop and produce an entirely new type of vehicle: a three wheeled, single passenger neighborhood electric vehicle. The first Gizmo prototype was completed in July of 1996 and public response has been tremendously positive ever since.

An initial fleet of ten vehicles was manufactured for long term use in testing and evaluation. The test fleet users have been driving their Gizmos for over two years, and each is very happy with their vehicle's performance. The test fleet owners include utilities, local businesses and commuters. Based on the feedback from these users, Neighborhood EV has made hundreds of refinements to the Gizmo involving virtually every aspect of the design. The Gizmo has proven to be a viable option for commuting, business errands and delivery, site inspection, station cars, security and other short trip applications.

Neighborhood EV Looks Into The Future

Neighborhood EV will continue to develop appropriate NEVs for a wider variety of urban and suburban applications. Future models will incorporate improvements in EV technology as they become cost effective. They will be made with high volume production technologies to reduce vehicle weight and cost. As rising energy costs, environmental concerns and livability issues influence buying habits and public policy, Neighborhood EV expects the trend toward smaller, more efficient vehicles to grow. The small urban electric vehicle providing local personal transportation will become a widely accepted transportation option. Drivers will be able to choose an appropriate type of vehicle that meets their needs at a reasonable price. Cities will adapt to these vehicles with convenient parking facilities and charging stations. Neighborhood EV intends to continue its leadership into this exciting future.

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