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The gizmo Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) is a safe, affordable, environmentally effective mode of transportation. It is a single passenger vehicle designed for commuters traveling under 45 miles per trip, or 75% of all drive time.

gizmo - America's only street legal EV faster than 25mph and a top speed of 45 mph


“NEVCO has discontinued production of the Gizmo. The increasing costs of parts and overhead have made it impossible to continue in our current position. Thank you for all your support for our effort. We are working on re-starting production after restructuring, if possible.

If you are interested in a used Gizmo as they are available, please indicate this in a message to

gizmo fun and eco-nomical

You are looking at a revolutionary concept in personal transportation. Never before has an enclosed, electric vehicle for around town been so affordable, so unique in design, so much fun, and good for the enviroment...more.

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gizmo wins design award

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Who drives a gizmo?

People just like you. Does this sound familiar? Think about the trips you take on a daily basis.

Are they mostly short trips on local streets?

Do you carry less than 6 bags of groceries or the equivalent?

Do you usually do your errands and commuting by yourself?

Do you drive less than 25 miles at a time?

Do you drive less than 90 miles in a day?

If so, you are among the vast majority of urban drivers who can successfully use the gizmo for your everyday trips.

What makes a gizmo a gizmo?

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