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Optima® AGM sealed battery pack 8 8 8 Optima batteries with Powercheq® balancing/management system. Weighs 200 lbs less, and provides 35 mile range, with faster acceleration and hill climbing...... battery options details


Hydracaps® Replaces standard battery caps with catalyst to reformulate hydrogen gas into water for the battery. Reduces battery watering cycle frequency


Light Weight Flooded Battery Pack Four Trojan Group 31 deep cycle flooded 12V batteries weighs 300 lbs. For 25 mile range applications with better acceleration and hill climbing plus durability. Includes Hydracaps.


  PulseTech Power Pulse...................... Lead acid battery packs must be recharged immediately after use to prevent sulfation of the lead. This is not always possible. The PulseTech PowerPulse sends a signal through the battery at an alternative frequency that causes sulfate to dissolve, extending the life of the battery.


  220 Volt Charger Use a "Dryer plug" outlet and cord to shorten charge time by almost 75%.


  Bike Rack Take your bike along with you for trail rides or other uses where bicycles are more appropriate than motorized vehicles


  Radial Tires Add more range and comfort to your ride over standard bias ply tires.


  Trailer Hitch Need to carry more than 10 cubic feet of stuff? A wide variety of utility trailers for bicycles, motorcycles or other applications can be pulled by the Gizmo


  Underseat Storage Bin Ideal for small items like pens, wallets, tools, etc. Hidden by seat.



Standard Fabric Colors N/C-

Royal Blue, Burgundy, Forest Green, Silver/Gray, Pink or Black

Custom Fabric Color Choose from a variety of colors to match your style.


  Custom Paint Color Take your design sense even further with your own color scheme.

$400 estimate

  Stereo CD Player Listen to your own music or the radio while you cruise around town. Removable Clarion® stereo/CD with Eclipse® speakers goes with you.

$350 and up

Shipping is additional and can range up to $1000 to East Coast destinations. Call 541-687-5939 for estimates. Prices FOB Eugene, Oregon. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.