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Pedal to the fiberglass:
Comic News car has karmic appeal

WHEN PEOPLE see Don Kahle, publisher of the Comic News, humming around town in his three-wheeled electric automobile, they generally have one of two reactions.

"There are people who see the Gizmo and smile and wave and give a thumbs up," Kahle said. "And then there are dead people."

Somewhere between a Bike and a Buick....
There is the land of the Gizmo™.

The Gizmo is an electric, street-legal, three-wheeled, single passenger vehicle manufactured since 1998 by Neighborhood Electric Vehicles of Eugene, Oregon. I have driven one for about 2 months and put over 600 miles on it. The following article is based on real-world experience in Cleveland, Ohio.(


Ashlander drives conversation piece Bill Kettler of the Medford, Oregon Mail Tribune December 2000

Electric "car: grabs attention around town

Ashland, OR - Heads turn when Tonya Granam drives through town.
"I know if I look up at a traffic light, somebody's going to be
looking at me," she says. "I've heard people talking at intersections,
`what the hells that?'" (

Gizmo uses a little juice, but no gas
Article from Register-Guard daily newspaper. May 31, 1997, Eugene, Or

. It's got a perfect name and the right attitude.

After taking the Gizmo -- one of the Eugene Water & Electric Board's new electric cars -- for a spin Friday morning, General Manager Randy Berggren's first though was; "Hey, it's a lot of fun." Sure, he can talk about how the utility is looking to protect the environment, promote ecologically friendly technology -- and save money to boot.

Nah. The Gizmo, those who came to its coming-out party Friday at EWEB headquarters agreed, is just plain cool. EWEB paid just over $6,000 each for two Gizmos made by the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Co.(continue)