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You are looking at a revolutionary concept in personal transportation. Never before has an enclosed, electric vehicle for around town been so affordable, so unique in design, and so much fun. Never before have so many design goals been successfully achieved in a vehicle capable of being used for everyday trips. It quickly accelerates up to 40 mph on an amazingly low one penny per mile of electricity. Its patented steering and control mechanisms will remind you of virtual reality while you really move toward your next destination. It is reliable, simple and is the lowest priced enclosed EV in America. The fun comes from the exciting sensory connection you feel with your Gizmo and your surroundings as you zip along streets in a quiet, nonpolluting way. You won't have to haul your Gizmo to mountains or the beach to have a "zoom" experience. You can zoom right on your way to your next destination only a short trip away. It's pure eco-fun and there's nothing like it.