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The Gizmo is designed to be licensed and registered as a motorcycle under current Federal D.O.T. requirements. It meets the definitions and statutes as such, yet looks nothing like a conventional motorcycle. In order to qualify as a motorcycle and yet offer the unique features of an NEV, the design required a cohesive integration of form and function. Rather than a linear process of adding elements to a core, the Gizmo was designed as a system. Each feature contributes to the viability of the whole. It is the synergy between features that is crucial to the integrity of the design and subsequent patent protection. The Gizmo is revolutionary not because of high tech breakthroughs but because it required none.

 Unique Features:

The Gizmo is original in its application of features which define the vehicle type. To qualify as a motorcycle, a vehicle must have no more than three wheels. The Gizmo two wheels in front and one in rear so as to provide the most stable arrangement possible. This layout allows for a single passenger to sit between the two

front wheels, permitting easy entry through a front opening canopy. This access requires the absence of the obstruction created by a steering wheel or handlebar, and so steering is accomplished through the use of dual, side mounted push/pull levers called steering handles that act through linkages to the front wheels.

All important vehicle control functions (acceleration and braking) are placed on these two steering handles. These are cross linked so that either one may be used to steer the vehicle. The risk of injury in an impact is reduced by their placement to the sides rather than in front of the occupant. The steering handles provide a control system uniquely suitable for this vehicle design.

The front opening canopy is distinctive and unique. It creates unequaled access to the vehicle, particularly for people with mobility limitations. It is a signature feature of this product and differentiates this product from any future or existing competitors. It serves a multifunction role as a bumper structure, footrest, instrument panel, windshield and fairing. It is therefore a critical and integral design feature.

The chassis has many unique features. The chassis is a 3-dimensional structural unit upon which all components are attached, allowing easy assembly. It permits the use of three wheels and it allows for the use of a front opening access to the vehicle and the use of dual-lever steering. The chassis serves as the integrating structure for the other distinctive features. The front trailing axle and rear swing arm pivot points are located on the chassis as are the pivot and lock down points for the canopy structure. The trailing arm front axle allows suspension travel while eliminating side roll (a problem typical of three wheeled vehicles with independent suspension). The rear wheel is supported by a motorcycle type mono shock swing arm.

The styling is unique incorporating a rounded front cowl, fenders, tail and removable fabric side panels. The style is functional and appropriate, yet with a fashionable retro look that has charisma and appeal.

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