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Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Company


  Why and How NEVCO Was Started

The Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Company was formed in 1995 to develop and produce an electric vehicle that would be environmentally friendly, fun to drive, efficient and affordable. Designing a traditional automobile using state of the art electric vehicle and battery technology would create a product that was very expensive and that would still not have the load and range capacity and performance characteristics that people expect an automobile car to have. In addition, electric automobiles would require a new infrastructure for charging of large battery banks, and would not help alleviate traffic and parking congestion. It was clear that an electric automobile is not the appropriate solution to the problem. NEVCO founders wanted to do something that was a positive contribution to society and to nature. More large, heavy cars will not do it . Clean expensive cars are not the answer either. For NEVCO, making a difference in personal transportation involves creating and entirely new type of vehicle, a Neighborhood Electric vehicle. The Gizmo™ Personal Commuter.

How The Gizmo Was Conceived

The question of the optimum NEV design was approached by our designer, Mark Murphy. After years of research and development work for a variety of vehicle manufacturers and conceptual design firms, Mark understood the need for a light weight, electric vehicle for neighborhood travel. Along the way he became interested in Electrathon™ competition in which racers try to go as far as possible in an hour using a small battery pack. Mark´s success in this ultralight competition helped apply concepts of efficient, electric power to his neighborhood vehicle designs. In the last few years urban planners and architects began to recognize the concept of small urban vehicles as a way to eliminate the automobile as the primary focus of urban transportation and a possible means by which to develop people-oriented communities. Mark saw this trend as an affirmation of his ideas, and began looking for an opportunity to develop his concept of an NEV and the capital to produce it. NEVCO was formed in 1995 and a proof of concept vehicle was built. The first Gizmo prototype was completed in July of 1996 and public response at its first showings was tremendously positive. A test fleet of ten vehicles were manufactured for long term use testing evaluation. Production began in 2000.

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