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Twenty-four Reasons For Getting a Gizmo

1. You need an inexpensive, attention-grabbing, business delivery vehicle.
2. You make a local commute to work each day.
3. You realize that electric vehicles are the future.
4. You need some affordable personal transportation.
5. You like riding a bicycle, but traffic is a bummer.
6. You want to get away from using fossil fuels.
7. Your car is costing a fortune to feed and maintain.
8. You need to run errands on rainy days.
9. Your son just got his driver's license, but a car isn't in the budget.
10. You daughter is going away to college and a car isn't in her budget.
11. You see what increasing traffic is doing to your community.
12. You want to drive something simple and reliable.
13. You want to use your car less and not wear it out on short trips.
14. You want to drive something really fun.
15. You see what air pollution is doing to the environment.
16. You want to set a good example for your kids.
17. You want people to smile when they see you driving.
18. You've been attracted to electric vehicles ever since slot cars.
19. You like the idea of recharging at home, at work or almost anywhere.
20. You tend to be an early user of the latest and the greatest.
21. You want to protect your car's body from dings and dents.
22. You want to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.
23. You would rather see more parks rather than more parking lots.
24. You want to take responsibility for the impact of your driving choices.

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